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Joley Hirtle (b. 2000) is a mixed media artist, writer, and illustrator from Westerville, Ohio who is completing her BFA in Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art & Design. Her work has been featured at the Columbus College of Art & Design’s virtual Studio Intensive and will be showcased in the Spring at Byers Gallery.


About Me

I am a mixed media artist who draws from childhood imagery to explore the feeling of sentiment: the lingering sense of sadness, nostalgia, and tenderness that memories and objects hold over us. By assembling and collaging textiles, paint, found objects, pen and paper I create surrealistic “dioramas” staging each themed scene, like a lonesome circus, as if peering through a keyhole; whimsical and melancholy treasures of the past capture the viewer’s gaze. These moody still life “dioramas” take the viewer on a tour of the unexpected leaving behind a strong sense of nostalgia from their childhood.

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